Count your coins, privately.
Look up any BTC address balance, without revealing the address to anyone – not even us.
The ultimate in BTC privacy.
All information about the addresses you look up stays on your device. The Blyss server learns nothing about your queries. Read more about why this is better than alternatives.
Tighten your OpSec.
When you use a block explorer, you're linking your identity with your money, inviting phishing. Blyss for BTC offers the privacy of a self-hosted node, with zero maintenance.
Built on strong cryptography.
Blyss uses fully homomorphic encryption to guarantee your privacy. Read about how FHE works, check out our paper, or read our code for details.
Why Blyss for BTC?
If you use public block explorers,
servers can associate your Bitcoin address and your IP.
If you use compact block filters,
an observer may still be able to infer your address.
If you use Tor,
the addresses you look up may still be linked.
If you run a full node in the cloud,
you have to completely trust your cloud provider.
If you use Blyss for BTC,
the addresses you look up stay private and unlinkable.*
Read more about the advantages of Blyss over the alternatives in our detailed comparison.
See what's coming next.
We're building more features, like Ledger compatibility, private transaction lookup, and more. Stay in touch.
Want to use our private database for something else? Let's talk!